• Ann HUI

    Ann HUI

    90s Hong Kong girl interested in UX/ UI. Graduated from Master in Translation and Interpreting and another Master in Corporate Communication in Hong Kong.

  • Fate/Typo


    Typeface Design, Lettering, History, Technology…https://fatetypo.xyz

  • Pradeep Y

    Pradeep Y

  • Stephan Botbol

    Stephan Botbol

  • Kogi Ko — UX

    Kogi Ko — UX

    User Experience Consultant | Researcher | E-commerce | Luxury and Fashion

  • Okpapi Joel

    Okpapi Joel

    Geek | Thinker | Entrepreneur

  • Renato Bratkovič

    Renato Bratkovič

    Creative Partner @ Artizan.si, dark fiction writer @ TemneSnovi.eu and your international crime&noir festival creator @ Alibi-fest.com

  • Zach Bailes

    Zach Bailes

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